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Women In The Back!

Women In The Back!

On Time Productions live stage play "Women in the Back!"
Coming October 25-26, 2019!

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Welcome to the On Time Ministries and On Time Productions Website experience!

It is Dr. Deborah's prayer that as you journey through her ministry pages, you will get a glimpse of her commitment to fulfilling the purpose that God has called her to - demonstrating the power of God through Biblical experiences! The doors of the church are open to you through this Website. Allow Dr. Deborah to minister to you through these pages and receive what you are looking for in Christ Jesus by way of her ministry!

Deborah Flowers

Dr. Deborah Baker Hampton is humbly at your service to bring the word of God to life with great intensity and divine excellence!

Dr. Deborah has distinguished herself as a beautiful and gifted woman of faith, with strength, and extraordinary character. She is clearly led by the Spirit of God, applying sound Biblical doctrine. She has proven to be an awesome ambassador for Jesus Christ. God has given Dr. Deborah many gifts, talents, abilities, methods, illustrations and demonstrations to help spread the gospel message to all the world, to restore and renew "...To prepare God's people for works of services, so that the body of Christ might be build up." (Ephesians 4:12)

Dr. Deborah uses On Time Ministries, On Time Productions and the Let's God Get Life!™ teaching to spread the message of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God in a way you will never forget! Dr. Deborah has been called by God to spread His Word through Biblical performances and demonstrational preaching and teaching; to bless not only those in church, but those in the community by helping persons to realize their unique "place" in the Kingdom of God and motivating them toward success with her ministry gifts of healing and restoration through demonstrational preaching, teaching and various forms of the Arts.

Dr. Deborah works hard ministering what has been revealed to her by the Holy Spirit and through God's Word and uses all of her gifts, talents and abilities to use whatever opportunities given to her to accomplish God's mandate to communicate Biblical truths with sermons, teaching or workshops with illustrations, drama or liturgy dance, drawing people to Jesus Christ. Each Sermon, Teaching, Play, Skit, Costumed Monologue, Dance, or Drama is based on the solid bedrock of Biblical truth and includes a challenge for listeners to improve their life with Jesus Christ.

What is very unique about Dr. Deborah is that through vision from God, she can plan your whole revival, conference and/or retreat; and then minister the gospel message through the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. She can also receive your theme and scripture and then tailor God's powerful message to your program vision with teachings from scripture that meets the needs of your church, conference, organization and more. Either way Dr. Deborah creatively communicates truthfully the message of God, with the discernable presence and leading of the Holy Spirit for healing, deliverance
and restoration.

Yes, Dr. Deborah does travel! It is her pleasure to have an opportunity to speak with event planners or coordinators to see how she can add value to your goals, program, service and events.

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